31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (2024)

Cycling is as much about performance and staying fit, as it is about looking good. No post-ride latte session should be complete without apparel from these top cycling brands.

Whether you love it or not, cycling has become a battle of style. This is mostly thanks to brands like Rapha who redefined ‘cool’ when it came to designing cycling gear. Fast forward 10 years and now there’s a plethora of brands making very snazzy yet functional cycling gear for the masses.

From the UK to Italy and now even Australia, there are some cool cycling brands making seriously rad kits. So we’ve gone and done the legwork to create a selection of brands that we feel are responsible for the smartest kits on the road.

Looks, we are all about looks, so the kits and brands we have chosen are all about style. Secondly, we’re looking for brands that are innovating in some way or giving back to their cycling communities. And lastly, performance is still key when choosing gear.


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (1) 1/31

Swedish brand Sigr is one that champions equality and sustainability. By this, it means that clothing is deliberately designed to be genderless (in terms of design, rather than fit), opening the brand up to the entire cycling community, while its Ocean Collection is made from 100% recycled plastic. Sigr is dedicated to sustainability and strives to minimise its environmental impact. They use eco-friendly materials in their products and employ ethical manufacturing processes.

Sigr’s cycling clothing range does away with large logos and decals, instead, offering colourful designs and patterns that offer a refreshing change. They pay attention to details such as ergonomic fits, moisture-wicking fabrics, and breathable materials to ensure optimal comfort and performance for cyclists. The company even has a Commute range of more urban-orientated clothing to change into once you get to the office.

Sigr actively engages with the cycling community and seeks input from cyclists when designing new products. They often collaborate with local cycling clubs and sponsor various events to support and promote cycling as a sport.

Popular Products: Signature Solid Jerseys | Riksväg 92 PRO


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Spanish brand Siroko is best known for its eclectic and capable range of cycling glasses, all designed to improve vision and protect from sunlight and UV rays when putting pedal to the tarmac. Founded in 2016, Siroko provides cyclists with functional and stylish gear that enhances performance and comfort on the road or trail.

Siroko now offers a wide range of cycling products, including eye-catching jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, gloves, socks, and cycling sunglasses. The brand is committed to using advanced fabric technologies and innovative designs to create products that meet the demands of professional cyclists and enthusiasts alike.

Siroko has gained a significant following among the cycling community through its online presence and direct-to-consumer model. By selling their products directly to consumers through their website, they can offer competitive prices. Yeeew!

Popular Products: Srx Pro Hightech | M2 Hardknott Pass | Aspen

Le Col

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (3) 3/31

Le Col is a British cycling apparel brand that was founded by professional cyclist Yanto Barker in 2011. The brand is known for its performance-oriented cycling clothing and accessories.

One of the notable aspects of Le Col is its collaboration with professional cycling teams and athletes. The brand has partnered with big name teams such as Team Bahrain McLaren and Wahoo-Le Col, providing them with custom team kits. Le Col’s collaboration with professional riders allows them to gather feedback and refine their products to meet the demands of elite cyclists – for everyday people like us. They’ve even teamed up with TDF winner Bradley Wiggins.

The brand incorporates advanced fabrics and innovative technologies into its products to ensure aerodynamics, moisture management, and temp regulation. Le Col products are available for purchase through their official website and select retail partners. The brand also offers a customisation service, allowing customers to create personalised cycling kits with their own designs and logos.

Popular Products: BORA-hansgrohe Race Jersey | Hors Categorie Lightweight Jersey | Pro Air Jersey

Twin Six

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (4) 4/31

Twin Six was founded in 2005 by Brent and Ryan Gale on the belief that cycling apparel and the designs employed were becoming predictable year after year. The brand takes its name from the idea that cycling is a duality, representing both competition and camaraderie.

Wanting to cause a dramatic shake-up, the team behind Team Six began outputting unusual designs, with no real ‘brand identity, so to speak. Each cycling jersey, for example, looks different to the next, with the only similarity being the fit.Designs change on a regular basis, so it’s always worth checking out the latest collections to keep your personal wardrobe up to date.

Twin Six also produces cycling accessories such as water bottles, bike bags, socks, and hats, all designed with the same attention to detail and unique style as their clothing line.


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (5) 5/31

One of the biggest names in outdoor adventure sports is POC.

The Swedish label takes their cycling clothing and cycling gear – and their safety standards – to extreme levels, with the mission statement of ‘saving lives and reducing the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists’.

We don’t doubt their ability with stunning-looking gear which pairs technical solutions with construction, advanced material combinations and engineering into every piece. And perhaps best of all, POC offers pretty much everything you need to kit yourself out for cycling on the road. Not only can you find a solid range of jerseys and bib shorts, but other accessories including helmets, glasses and gloves as well.

Aside from very stylish cycling clothing, POC is also known for its line of protective gear, such as helmets and cycling eyewear. They have gained a reputation for their innovative helmet designs that prioritise safety and incorporate features like MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology.

Popular Products: Essential Road Logo Jersey | Ventral Air Mips Helmet | Aero VPDS Bib Short

De Marchi

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (6) 6/31

Founded in 1946 and still in business today, De Marchi is the world’s longest-running manufacturer of performance cycling clothing apparel. The Italian brand is responsible for introducing a number of mainstays still used today, such as zippers instead of buttons and tubular weaving.

The brand isn’t one to rest on its laurels, however, and continues to find ways to innovate and remain on-trend, such as with the 2020 release of the REVO glove, the first-ever 3D, elastic pre-shaped glove.

In addition to their regular cycling apparel line, De Marchi collaborates with cycling legends and iconic teams to create special edition collections. These collaborations often celebrate historical moments in cycling or pay tribute to famous cyclists, combining classic design elements with modern performance features.

Popular Products: Cortina Wind Jersey | Classica Sportwool Jersey | New Superleggera Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (7) 7/31

Santini is an Italian brand that specialises in designing and manufacturing high-quality cycling clothing. With a rich heritage dating back to 1965, Santini has established itself as a prominent name in the world of cycling apparel. Founded by Pietro Santini in Bergamo, Italy, and it remains a family-owned business even to this day. The brand sponsors UCI, Trek-Segafredo, and Ironman.

Every piece of clothing undergoes a strict four-point quality control process, ensuring fit, performance, comfort and durability are all the best-of-the-best.

The fit of the clothing receives particular attention, with the company claiming all pieces fit like a ‘second skin’ that you barely notice. With tops, bottoms, skin suits and an extensive selection of accessories available, Santini is a cycling brand you can trust.

Popular Products: Santini Guard Nimbus | Santini Vega Short Sleeve Vest | Santini Classics Collection


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (8) 8/31

If you don’t know Castelli then you don’t know professional cycling. The Italian label has been pioneering cycling clothing and apparel since 1876 and has amassed a slew of trophies along the way with people using their gear.

Initially, Castelli started as a small tailoring shop in Milan, Italy, providing custom-made clothing for local athletes and cyclists. Over the years, the company expanded its focus to develop innovative cycling apparel that combines cutting-edge technology, advanced materials, and aerodynamic designs.

Castelli invented the skinsuit, the sublimated jersey and the first Lycra short used in professional racing. This tradition of innovation continues today, inspiring us and influencing every product that rolls out of the historic cycling house.

In recent years, Castelli has embraced sustainable practices by incorporating eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes into their product lines, introducing recycled fabrics, minimising waste in production, and implementing measures to reduce their and your carbon footprint.

Popular Products: Entrata VI Jersey | Classifica Jersey

Pearl Izumi

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (9) 9/31

Pearl Izumi was founded in Tokyo, Japan over 60 years ago by Kinji Shimizu. He was an avid cyclist and always had an entrepreneurial attitude towards producing clothes.

After his son, Hiro, won an Italian-made jersey at the Asian Cycling Championships in 1984, Kinji was amazed by the quality and set out to create his own cycling apparel, using only the finest materials.

Pearl Izumi sponsored the 1984 US Olympic Team and today produces clothing for road cycling and mountain biking. The company even lays claim to a number of world firsts in cycling apparel, including being the first to develop fully welded cycling shorts, as well as the first to use the BOA closure system on cycling footwear.

Popular Products: Men’s PRO Shorts | Men’s Elite Gel Gloves | Men’s Attack Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (10) 10/31

Founded in 1972, Sportful has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, catering to both professional athletes and recreational cycling enthusiasts. Following its owner’s first forays in spinning wool and making underwear, before finally making the move into performance cycling and cross-country ski clothing for men and women.

Sportful has a connection to professional cycling teams and sponsors several professional road cycling teams, including Bora-Hansgrohe, Trek-Segafredo, and Bahrain Victorious.

Their attention to detail and superior design aesthetic – which includes both minimal and colourful designs across jerseys, bib shorts and jackets – sets Sportful apart from its competitors.

Popular Products: Snap Jersey | Giara Short-Sleeve Jersey |Bodyfit Pro LTD Bib Short


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (11) 11/31

Campagnolo has been in business for more than 80 years, and first found success with manufacturing cycling equipment and mechanical parts – and was the brand used by Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx for all 5 of his Tour de France victories – before turning its hand to apparel.

Apparel can be had for both road and off-road cycling, with pieces being made to withstand the rigours presented by both disciplines. More importantly, with the brand name splashed across many of the jerseys (tastefully, we must add), you can show others you really know your cycling brands.

Campagnolo is renowned for its attention to detail, durability, and stylish designs. The brand has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality cycling components, and its apparel reflects the same commitment to quality and performance.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or a weekend warrior, Campagnolo offers a range of apparel options to enhance your on-road experience.

Popular Products: Maglia Dream Bigger Top | Dream Bigger Bib Shorts


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (12) 12/31

Garneau was launched in 1983 by Louis Garneau. The Canadian cyclist started the company with one clear aim: to produce well-fitting and thoughtfully-designed apparel that was above all else, affordable. Louis doesn’t just create products he thinks cyclists will love, but his designs come from experience, as he competed for Canada in the cycling road race at the 1984 Olympics in LA.

Not only does Louis Garneau produce a comprehensive selection of cycling jerseys, shorts and bibs, but other essential accessories including shoes, gloves and arm warmers for those cold morning rides. The products are available for people of all ages, so even your little one can enjoy the products offered by this brand.

Above all, Garneau prioritizes safety, so while its cycling apparel is affordable and appealing, it doesn’t sacrifice safety. So, if you are wearing Garneau products, then you know that your ride will be a safe one.

Popular Products: Winning Jersey | Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts

Pas Normal Studios

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (13) 13/31

Copenhagen-born Pas Normal Studios takes a fresh approach to cycling apparel with the signature Scandinavian design fused with high-performance fabrics and comfortable fits. The brand certainly takes a decidedly fashion-orientated approach to its cycling clothing, which is why you’ll find it stocked by the likes of Farfetch and End Clothing. You can find cycling apparel in a variety of colors, as every piece is mixed with visionary aesthetics. With unique colours and patterns, Pas Normal Studios aims to reach fashion standards while keeping you comfortable and safe.

Pas Normal Studios was founded in 2014 and it operates in multiple countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. The pieces are made with the Northern-European climate in mind, so cyclists can expect durable, all-weather pieces that look great and perform even better.

None of the pieces are too tight, ensuring comfort throughout all races. As such, Pas Normal Studios managed to find the perfect recipe for comfort and style.

Popular Products: Men’s PAS Jersey | Men’s PAS Bib | Women’s PAS Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (14) 14/31

Giro was founded in 1985 and in the past 30-plus years has consistently put a great deal of attention into the products it makes. As it says on the website, “We are the brand that sweats the details”. Giro understands that you’re going to want clothing and products that perform exceptionally well, and so will spend hours, days, and weeks making sure they’re perfect down the last millimetre.

The American manufacturer was founded by Jim Gentes and it is part of Vista Outdoor since it was bought in 2016. When Jim founded Giro, it was because he was eager to create his own, unique products that would give riders an unforgettable and comfortable experience. Giro is a particularly great cycling brand if you’re in the market for accessories, such as helmets, gloves, or socks, but you can also find some great base layers, bib shorts, and jackets.

Popular Products: Gnar Glove | Chamber Ii Shoe


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (15) 15/31

dhb is all about enjoying the experience of cycling, no matter the weather. Using years of experience, dhb is manufacturing reasoned cycling apparel allowing you to reach the next level. High-quality components mixed with perfect fit and innovative designs – a little something giving you the chance to relish the ride without worrying about your equipment.

dhb doesn’t want you to hold back, which is why it strives to offer you the best cycling apparel that you can find. The brand believes in the love for sports and ensures that good and durable equipment is accessible to all people.

For three decades, dhb has worked very hard to create performance sports apparel that delivers. In fact, it even provided sports equipment to some of the most successful teams and athletes in the world, including Joe Skipper, Eleanor Dickinson, and Sofiane Sehili. So, you don’t want to miss out on their iconic equipment if you’re about to join a race soon.

Popular Products: Merino Short Sleeve Jersey 2.0 | Aeron Lab Womens Winter Bib Tight


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (16) 16/31

Rapha caters to discerning cyclists with a one-stop shop that offers performance roadwear and accessories, alongside publications and events. The first Rapha cycling clothing collection was launched in July 2004, at a month-long Rapha exhibition of cycling memorabilia and events called “Kings of Pain.” The Rapha name was inspired by a cycling team with the same name that was huge in the 1960s.

Finally, Rapha was officially founded in 2011 and has been focusing on mountain biking and road bicycle racing apparel ever since. From those humble origins, Rapha has gone on to become synonymous with the highest levels of quality and it’s also the official clothing sponsor of Team Sky Pro Cycling. Thanks to its equipment, Rapha was able to give riders the confidence that they will succeed no matter what.

Rapha even collaborated with different designers, like Paul Smith and Apidura, a bike-packing designer. Together, they created some limited-range cycling luggage.

Popular Products: Women’s Pro Team Lightweight Gilet | Men’s Classic Bib Shorts


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (17) 17/31

Riders using ASSOS products have won well over 250 gold medals at Olympic Games, World Championships, and in almost every other prestigious professional cycling race.

Impressed yet? Based in Ticino “Terra di Ciclismo”, Switzerland, ASSOS was founded in 1976 with the creation of the first-ever Lycra® cycling shorts. The company continues to innovate, setting industry standards (like the fastest cycling bodysuit on earth) time and time again.

It’s clear that ASSOS has set very high standards in terms of cycling gear, and those who wear ASSOS once will never look at any other brand. It provides performance and comfort without compromising on anything. And on top of wearing safe, comfortable, and innovative gear, you’ll also look very trendy during your races.

ASSOS has what is known as the ASSOS Layering System that helps regulate temperature in any weather. This way, your body temperature will be regulated accordingly, maintaining comfort throughout an entire race.

Popular Products: Mille Gt Bib Shorts C2 | Mille Gt Jersey C2 Evo | Summer Ns Skin Layer

Black Sheep Cycling

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (18) 18/31

Black Sheep Cycling was founded back in 2014 by John Polson, a pro athlete who wanted to create something of his own to help other athletes thrive. The focus was on looking different from everyone else, hence being like a “black sheep” standing out among white ones.

If you don’t want to look like anyone else on the road, Black Sheep Cycling is your best bet. Some would call them unique whilst others would call them gaudy. Either way, there’s no doubt their kits will catch eyes as you blaze through the course in style and comfort without compromising on performance.

Black Sheep Cycling keeps you lighter, safer, faster, and more comfortable. Performance is ensured, and the cool look does not mean that the brand overlooked the importance of comfort. The brand has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and it’s now the go-to company for cycling equipment that looks unique.

Popular Products: Men’s Team Bib | Women’s Essentials TEAM Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (19) 19/31

With a strong focus on bespoke fibre and fabric technologies, along with a penchant for being as sustainable as possible, performance apparel label Ashmei ensures that its designs are adapted to the wearer’s every movement whatever the climate, providing a high level of comfort for cycling, running, triathlons and more.

Ashmei does its best to provide sustainable clothing without sacrificing style or durability. Any piece you purchase is bound to last you for a long time, so you can take advantage of it in more than a few races.

The company works very hard to create top-notch apparel. The team is focused on material technology, considering every single factor when picking and using materials. They are aware that everything they do will influence the wearer in one way or another, so they opt for materials that provide comfort. They also care about the environment and create clothing using recycled fabrics.

Popular Products: Men’s Signature Merino T-Shirt | Men’s Signature Bib Shorts | Maaree X Ashmei Sports Bra

Cafe Du Cycliste

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (20) 20/31

Another addition to our list of elite cycling garments is this French brand that pitches itself on tailored technology. Café du Cycliste believes that presentation doesn’t need to be compromised in pursuit of performance on the road.

Their range is inspired by the tradition of French cycling and is hand-crafted with a range of fabrics to ensure the quality lives up to the wear. There’s also a wide range of colours to choose from, ensuring you get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s one of the best cycling brands out there.

The attention to detail is what makes this brand truly stand out when it comes to its apparel. You can either wear the equipment for casual riding or during competitions, and you will get a lot of compliments. Despite the clothing being a bit pricey, it’s all worth it when you notice how comfortable, visually striking, and durable it is.

Popular Products: Women’s Lightweight Cycling Jersey | Men’s Compressive Bib Shorts

Pedal Ed

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (21) 21/31

This Japanese company – stylised as PEdAL ED – has the sole aim to “make the most comfortable and long-lasting garments on the market”. Those garments are, in fact, made in Italy, using the “finest manufacturing techniques” around. Expect to find a range of colours and minimalist designs, and pieces that can be used both on the commute to work and on high mountain passes.

PEdALED was established by designer Hideto Suzuki back in 2007. He used to be in the high-end Japanese fashion industry, but he left it when he decided to work on unique cycling apparel instead. He wanted people to be able to succeed in races and see the world while wearing attractive, comfortable equipment.

Hideto thinks that any piece of equipment should be able to boost performance and function, so all garments are created with this in mind. Thus, anyone who buys from PEdALED can expect the highest quality they can imagine.

Popular Products: Odyssey Short Sleeve Cargo Jersey | Odyssey Polartec Alpha® Vest | Jary All-Road Cycling Shorts

Gore Wear

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (22) 22/31

Gore Wear is the result of the formation of Gore Bike Wear and Gore Running Wear in 2018. The Gore brand as a whole was founded in 1958 by Wilbert L. Gore and is the same company responsible for manufacturing the water-resistant material, Gore-Tex. The underlying feature of Gore-Tex and the Gore Wear apparel is the patented PTFE, or Teflon. Therefore, you can rest easy, knowing that Gore Wear cycling clothing will not only keep your body temperature regulated but will also repel water should you find yourself in a downpour.

The team at Gore Wear features scientists who are always looking for methods to improve the products. They are not afraid to be creative and experiment with various designs.

Gore Wear’s apparel is made to handle changing weather conditions so riders can feel comfortable throughout the races. Its materials are durable, lightweight, and breathable.

Popular Products: Endure Gore-Tex Jacket Mens | Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 Womens

Bianchi Milano

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (23) 23/31

Bianchi Milano is a heavyweight brand in the cycling community, being the oldest bicycle manufacturing company in the world (it was founded in 1885). It was the first to pioneer a bike with equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tyres.

The company’s apparel is certainly Italian in design, with an array of patterns and colours available, including the instantly recognisable ‘Celeste’ colour, a turquoise also known as ‘Bianchi Green’. It’s not all style and no substance either, as the company’s jerseys quickly wick moisture away from the body and provide an optimum fit.

In order to offer premium quality clothing, Bianchi Milano always uses innovative technical materials. While every single piece of equipment looks flattering on the wearer, functionality and comfort are not compromised. The brand is dedicated to celebrating cycling as a lifestyle rather than a hobby or simple activity. So, anyone who wants to up their cycling game can rely on Bianchi Milano.

Popular Products: Remastered Short Sleeve Jersey | Remastered Bib Short


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (24) 24/31

Giordana is another cycling brand that has been around for several decades. It was founded in Italy in 1970 by Giorgio Andretta, who was born very close to the factory’s current location. The company has since become a global powerhouse in the cycling industry (it has the honour of being a former supplier for the Tour de France) with stores all around the globe.

Throughout the years, the company’s mission statement hasn’t changed, and it’s to give “riders the ability to perform at their highest possible level.” Giordana wants to help cyclists achieve more. It wants to push them to strive for better and succeed. To do this, they only use high-quality materials that keep the rider comfortable and boost their performance. The brand maintains very strict standards of consistency and quality and uses recycled excess fabric cuttings and sustainable packaging. Moreover, the inks they use for the fabrics are all water-based.

Popular Products: The KB Men’s Bib Short | The KB Women’s Jersey | The Tech Tee


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (25) 25/31

It’s never a good idea to overlook the talents of the French when it comes to cycling gear. With over 125 years of experience in cycling, Mavic is steeped in tradition and uses its expertise to develop some of the most innovative solutions for cycling apparel.

Mavic was founded in the late 188os by Lucien Chanel and Charles Idoux. The company was established in Lyon, France. It was the very first one to produce the aluminum rim and the disc wheel. Even though it is focused on wheels, Mavic also produces high-quality cycling apparel.

Their apparel design is minimalist but it’s the strategic intersecting lines and bold colour blocking that really bring out each garment’s beauty to go with its functionality. It is made using comfortable, breathable materials that improve riders’ performances and help them feel good and powerful. This way, cyclists are more likely to succeed, especially when they are part of a competition.

Popular Products: Sequence Jersey | Ksyrium Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (26) 26/31

Kalas has its HQ in the Czech Republic where it’s able to import materials from Italy and Switzerland. With over 25 years of experience now under its belt, it remains a family-owned company and has earned itself collaborations with the British and Czech National Cycling Teams. Expect to find jerseys, bib shorts, hats, and more.

Kalas was founded in 1991 by Čestmír Kalaš and Toni Maier. Maier is also the founder of Assos. Together, they’ve decided to work on something that would give riders the equipment they needed to boost their performance. Moreover, Maier was looking for a Czech Republic producer that could sew cycling equipment and complete it. In 1991, the first ASSOS logo jerseys were also created.

After 5 years of collaboration, Kalas Sportswear was founded as a separate company in 1995. Now, the brand is one of the leading cycling apparel producers in Northern and Central Europe.

Popular Products: Passion Z3, Jersey Aero, Men | Passion Z3, Jersey Aero, Women


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (27) 27/31

This UK company was set up by two graphic designers who didn’t “have a single clue about clothing or running a retail business.” They were both into extreme sports and started designing lycra clothing that proved popular among friends, and then even more popular among the wider cycling community.

The collection now includes cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, speed suits, sunglasses, gilets, and more. The team wants cycling to be a fun, exciting, and creative experience, and they do not want people to wear uncomfortable equipment. As such, they are developing clothing that people are bound to fall in love with not only due to the way it looks but also due to how comfortable it feels.

They create cycling equipment by mixing good designs with the influence of art, fashion, film, music, and sport to create something unique. Morvelo loves to see people who wear their products, and they always feel like they are giving their creations to family and friends.

Popular Products: Radium Merino Long Sleeve Jersey | Women’s Ocho Standard Jersey


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (28) 28/31

French for “to attack”, this Australian cycling apparel brand was established in late 2012, as a means to go against the common norm for cycling clothing.

Founders Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin – who have a combined 15 years plus of cycling, fashion, and brand management experience – along with their team, consistently come up with new designs that challenge social and cultural norms for those who are willing to dare. Those who want to keep things a little more refined can enjoy a complete range of block-colour pieces.

After being founded in Sydney, Australia, Attaquer did its best to help cyclists express themselves during their rides. They provided apparel that suits people who love to stand out. Their collections are made for each season and weather, and anyone is going to find something they like, no matter how picky they might be.

Popular Products: ATQ X Egle Zvirblyte Bib Shorts | Womens Race Jersey Erosion Pebble/Orange


31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (29) 29/31

The Pedla represents cycling for the diehard cyclist so it’s no wonder they take their kit seriously. Each garment boasts exacting levels of functionality, performance, and sound design that will no doubt turn a few heads. The base cloth itself is developed in partnership with Italian company Mitispa as well as Swiss company Schoeller Textiles whilst their endurance chamois is provided by CYTECH for easy riding on longer trips.

The Pedla was founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. The brand’s goal is to provide people with a cool aesthetic while boosting comfort and performance. The brand focuses on innovation and is always looking for ways to bring something better into the spotlight.

The Pedla is available for cyclists all over the world. The company wants to reach as many customers as possible, and it always appreciates when people choose them for their cycling equipment. They want to improve your riding experience, whether it’s a casual one or a professional race.

Popular Products: Men’s Roamer Bib Short | Women’s Elements Gilet

La Passione

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (30) 30/31

This Italian company has, as its name suggests, a true passion for cycling. They boast about how many hours are spent testing each piece of clothing, but it’s to ensure that it will give you supreme comfort no matter your position. La Passione also sells direct to customers, cutting out several middlemen and bringing down the price you pay. You can find anything and everything you need, including jerseys, shorts, gloves, and socks.

La Passione is committed to sustainable clothing. They want to reduce the carbon footprint so they always keep this in mind when they work on their equipment. Whenever the manufacturing process begins, they are very careful to make sure that all their gear is made using safe materials and environmentally-friendly procedures. In other words, they want to create a better world.

The Italian firm can visualize the cycling journey in order to create unique cycling apparel. So, they work hard to create premium items that will last for a very long time.

Popular Products: Club Deep Winter Tights Black | Leg Warmers Black

Pedal Mafia

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (31) 31/31

A relatively young brand, Pedal Mafia was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2014. It was established by Jay Barron, and it is known for its sustainable materials and its striking looks. Born out of a need to be different, Pedal Mafia brings eye-catching, fashionable products to the cycling world. Whether you’re looking for a unique kit, or just want to buy some great urban wear, they have you covered.

Pedal Mafia wants your wardrobe to look like no other, which is why the cycling equipment you can get from them is so unique. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself while enjoying the sport that you love so much.

Pedal Mafia strives for the best development process and uses fabrics of the highest quality. Even though the focus is on standing out, comfort and durability are not sacrificed. No matter the weather, you will enjoy the comfort you need and have the best performance during your rides if you choose Pedal Mafia.

Popular Products: Mens Pro Bib – Delta | Pro Nomadic Long Sleeve Tech Tee

31 Best Cycling Clothing & Apparel Brands To Know (2024)


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